Unpublished Poems

Unpublished Poems

in this new theatre
razor sharp,
electric, high amp currency,
throws industrial strength wit in
ill-directed killer punches

the musical dissonance
winds, rewinds
and coils young men
who play this game
unready for anything

and victims
are deemed causal

vain ice ticket admission only

(previously unpublished)
songbird me
alone on a branch
of my family’s tree

inherited songs
contemporary tunes
seeks permanent audience

slave to currency
is genial reward
etched rock faces
tribal song lines,
art of the hunt,
the dreaming
History -
70,000 years

chiselled psyches
gun flash, poisoned rations
un-negotiated nightmare
murderous intent
Australian story -
200+ years

welfare dependence
substance abuse,
domestic violence,
loss of culture -
adolescent suicide

government sterility

(probably unpublishable)
i work
as a cleaner –
factory floor

my implements
are replaced with newer products

must be reported

complaints must be aired to my manager

in my job
i have learned
it doesn’t pay to be smarter than the broom