Unpublished Poems

Unpublished Poems

as a young man
he trained his mind
on the canvas
colour connectivity, abstractions, contemporary washes:

insubstantiality, the mainstream call

trashed by hard core servants
of traditional standards
he sold his works
to hotel chains
two or three to a room
twenty rooms to a level
fifteen plus floors
hundreds of lodgings’ globally

unacknowledged in art circles
he provided (they construed)
distractions for the jet set
fly in fly out
pictures on a wall
casual girl arse

no profile
in the collectors’ journals

million-dollar sting
they said

previously unpublished
at the top
of professional sports,
the active participation
is over, by age thirty

the final whistle sounded
the jig - up
the use by date – expired

not so though
for the staunch adherent
who follows, cheers
seemingly, until the grave

what call is this?
what undiminished support?
what incontestable loyalty?

play on, eh!

(previously unpublished)
the silence
was smashed
early morning
last winter
when shard like rain
hurled by fierce winds
my suburban home

i conjectured
at the vision impaired
when sound arrives
at lightning speed

previously unpublished
mains gas arrived
at our address recently
reviving childhood memories
of leaks, explosions, and suicides,
by stereotypical,
unidentifiable shadowy souls
found on kitchen floors
slumped against stoves,
leaving behind
mourning family and loved ones

it was odorized thereafter
to manage the danger
of forgotten, open vapour taps
gasification of rooms
and suffocation
it remained the mainstay
of cheaper cooking and heating

and so it arrived
with much fanfare
but no history

gas, just natural

(previously unpublished)
yes, i write
but more exactly
i cobble currency
into verse -
wed to personal experience,


i do not write
birthed for eyes
desirous of elementals
authenticated by scholars

it is
for those without time
to pursue or discern
moments of the day

it is
prepositioned poetics

(previously unpublished)
it dances
to forge political alliances
with neo-truth in advertising

while questionable in
terms and conditions,
and uninterpretable
in insurance policies

confused in artwork, pornography
and dreams

it underwhelms Historically
while finally,
it promises salvation religiously

it is of course,

(previously unpublished)