Archive Poetry
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Archive Poetry

i have begun my time
in early older age
writing recklessly
but stubbornly
from my memory
often three times weekly
sharing obligatorily
with close friends
who regularly confirm links
with those times:
today i sojourned across
the range to Strath
carrying papers for edit
and realised
these country roads
once the principal domain
of our primary producers
and sometime Sunday adventurers
are now the property
of truckies, couriers and
the mobile aged:
mixed observations from
the interior of my vehicle
witnessed local folk
battening down and sheltering
as numbers of tree-changers
increase exponentially,
suburbanizing Meadows

First published in Frances Poetry Anthology 2019, edited by Edie Eicas and David Harris a coproduction with Friendly Street Poets
in early morning
i peek into the past
to witness dancing hips
born of uncertainty
that ushered conception
gifting a lifetime
filled with riches
as a collector’s bottle
of best vintage
that seems begun
only a moment ago

First published in “New Poets 19”
by Friendly Street
editor Edie Eicas, 2018
the system
has misplaced my details,
lost my application
for attention,
for consideration,
for suggestion

for years i have served
given my professional time
quietly, efficiently
with due care
and loyalty
without complaint
i’ve been forgotten
overlooked, as if unworthy

i have been cast out
i am a cast-off
older aged and obliged -
to take a pill

be aware,
old is not stale
as young is not fresh

First published in “New Poets 19” 2018,
edited by Edie Eicas
a production of Friendly Street Poets
preserving memories
i visited a memory
of childhood curiosity
at my grandmother’s
cracked kitchen door
where late summer aromas
in a sugary, apricot haze
in a pan atop the stove
awaiting mother and daughter’s
coaxing of rich ripe fruits
into tasty, spreadable jams
sealed in oven sterilized jars
arousing that anticipation
of greedy indulgent consumption
on home-made Sunday scones

how long does a door
remain ajar?

First Published in ‘Alchemy’ FSP 43, 2019 and then INDAILY, ‘Poets Corner’ Aug 12th, edited by John Miles 2020

browsing blues
i don’t browse or shop
our outer suburban
high street
with a big budget
i often purchase
from local traders
who exhibit regional taste
adorning my small cottage
with artisan productry
to reflect shared love
sometimes i feel
the day takes me for granted

First published in Platinum Poems Anthology, 20th Anniversary of “Frances”, (AUS) 2019 and then INDAILY, ‘Poets Corner’ Aug 12th, edited by John Miles 2020
i’ve had my inherited,
stored, closeted and
photographic memorabilia
assessed and valued
for worthy commentary
about our social History:
the analysis
returned a bleak
but pithy reminder
of what i feared

black and white

First published in “Fleurieu Flow” 2019
Edited by John Malone & Margaret Clark
at meal times
in the dining rooms
of the privileged
there is far better choice
than at a similar mark
in the dwellings
of the disadvantaged

First published by Friendly Street, in 'New Poets 19' 2018, edited by Edie Eicas

whitefella travelling
Northern Territory, Australia

the sandover highway
stretches north east from the plenty -
itself attached to highway 87
out of alice springs

slicing through country
it connects cultures

700km from town
lies alpurrurulam
embracing the territory/queensland border

seven hours hard solo driving
toyota tough
with satellite phone/overcast skies/good grace

expect mostly traffic of stock/roos
few cars

educational postman me
delivering adult literacy
at journey’s end

First published in INDAILY, ‘Poets Corner’
Aug 19th, edited by John Miles 2020