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i wanted attention/security/acceptance
i had low self-esteem/confidence
i was directionless/emotional/suffering
i staked claims, for possessions/believability/belonging

i maintained I was sane
as an inmate/a patient /a consumer

in Ward 1
there’s competition!

First published in ‘Poems & Photography 2016’ Schizophrenia Fellowship, NSW
it is
there is
a disinclination
to understand
by those
at the top

appears rudimentary
why wouldn’t it

it is such a long way down

First published by Ginninderra Press, 2020
In ‘i want that in writing’ edited by Brenda Eldridge ‘fall stop’
in the suburbs
ground floor living
is common
while upstairs units
do not flatter
as shared walls
create tenant tension
but to view the horizon
inner city skylines
one must have
elevated returns
and deep footings

First published by ‘Ginninderra’ in “i want that in writing”, a Chapbook September 2020 series editor Brenda Eldridge
the specialist is expensive
adjusts my psyche
with forged neo-gospel scripture
for dietary control
and exercise uptake
a marathon into the wind
essential for
rehabilitation and recovery
because i am deeply diagnosed
at beer o’clock
i apply expedience,
guzzle a six-pack
nudge that sobriety

only drunkenness understands

First published by Poets Choice 2021 Collection of Poems 'Drunken Moments' ‘touching truth’ 
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others chase
i am reclined
that sand dune overnight camp
in calmed
echo chamber air
hollowed reef surf
that welcomed
your firelight gaze
when i discovered

i wasn’t going anywhere

First published at “The Sunshine Review”,
February 14th, 2021 edited by Danielle Adams ‘decree’

The Sunshine Review | Danielle Adams (

i set out
free spirited
chasing the horizon
out past the edges
of the smallest
emptiest towns
dream catching
in open air
and vacant space
not anticipating fences,
and ownership

but they’re out there

First published by Lindy Warrell on ‘Wattletales’ 2021
Finally, A Beginning by Geoffrey Aitken ~