Archive Recipes
Raspberry Champagne Punch
Made by Geoff for our first Christmas breakfast on returning to Adelaide and has become a favourite.

3 cups ginger ale
1 shot triple sec
1 bottle Champagne chilled
200g frozen raspberries
10 mint leaves
Combine the chilled ginger ale, triple sec and champagne together then gently stir.
Add the raspberries and mint then serve immediately

Mum’s Irish Creme
An absolute family favourite regularly made by Mum on Sunday afternoons when they lived at McLaren Flat. The house designed and built by Dad on Foggos Road had amazing views and when Dad built the gazebo became a true entertainer. For some reason Dad often received bottles of scotch which he didn’t drink so there was always scotch available.
7oz Whiskey 200ml
1½ teaspoons coffee
½ carton cream
1 litre of ice-cream
1½ teaspoons vanilla essence
¼ tin condensed milk

Liquidise together. Store in refrigerator

Lemon Cordial
When working at Gillen Preschool in Alice Springs each year families would be asked for recipes which were collated and printed into books that each child decorated as a christmas present to their families. This old fashioned lemon cordial recipe was one and delicious.

4 whole lemons
5 cups white sugar
2 tablespoons tartaric acid
9½ cups boiling water

Cut lemons into quarters and puree them into pulp.
Place all ingredients in a large bowl or pot.
Stir well until sugar is dissolved.
Leave until cooled.
Strain through a sieve, pour into bottles and refrigerate.
Makes 3 litres. Freezes well.