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fall stop

it is
there is
a disinclination
to understand
by those
at the top

appears rudimentary
why wouldn’t it

it is such a long way down

First published by Ginninderra Press, 2020
In ‘i want that in writing’ edited by Brenda Eldridge ‘fall stop’

Cook - Eat

Rocky Road

1 packet milk chocolate buttons
250g dark chocolate
¾ block Turkish delight chocolate broken into squares
3 x 50g Cherry Ripe bars, chopped
2 x Turkish delight bars, chopped
¾ large bag marshmallows
½ bag baking marshmallows (found in baking isle at supermarket)
1 scoop unsalted nuts of your choice (pistachio, cashews, roasted peanuts etc.)
Line a 18 x 28cm tray with baking paper.
Melt buttons and dark chocolate on low heat until smooth and runny.
Mix Cherry Ripes, both Turkish Delights, both marshmallows and nuts into large bowl.
Once chocolate has melted, mix quickly with other ingredients.
Pour into prepared tray and place into fridge for approximately 20 minutes or until almost set.
Remove from fridge and cut into desired pieces then return to fridge to set.

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