Publication History

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Aesthetica Magazine UK
'lived unremarkedly' first published Poem of the Month Friendly Street Poets August 2018 republished Aesthetica Magazine 2020 editor Oz Hardwick @AestheticaMag and 

Ariel Chart
‘disturbed’ first published August 2022, edited Mark Antony Rossi disturbed (
‘entrapment’ first published January 2022 edited Mark Antony Rossi entrapment ( 

Black Poppy Review US 
‘the greater landscape’‘dry arrangement’ first published April 2022 edited Sandy Benitez Black Poppy Review 

Cacti Fur
cut-price first published September 2021 edited Jim Thompson CUT-PRICE – Geoffrey Aitken | Cacti Fur

Canberra Times 
Graduation’ first published December 10th, 2022 Editor Penelope Cottier

Déraciné Magazine US

‘correction’ & ‘a reading’ first published Volume IX summer 2022 edited Victoria Elghasen and Michelle Baleka  déraciné – gothic literary magazine (

Discretionary Love US
‘one wintery summer’ first published November 19th 2022 by The Editorial Team one wintery summer | Discretionary Love
& ‘razored’  first published April 18th 2022 edited Jessica
  Two Poems | Discretionary Love

Five Fleas US
‘carefree’ first published November 30th 2022 edited Robin/Roberta Beach Jacobsen
‘never so long first published October 28 2022 edited Robin/Roberta  Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry): Evening of October 28, 2022

Flashes of Brilliance
‘mouth wash’ first published August 2021 edited Darren White  Poetry: mouth wash by Geoffrey Aitken - Flashes Of Brilliance
'circular economy' 
first published March 2020 edited Darren White 
'vespers' first published October 2019 edited Darren White

Friendly Street Poets
'lived unremarkedly' first published Poem of the Month Friendly Street Poets August 2018
‘springtime’ first published Anthology 45, Q edited gareth roi jones & Sarah Radford 2020 

Ginninderra Press
‘bell barred’ first published September 2021 ‘Milestones’ edited Stephen Matthews  

lobalisation A Poetry Collection US
'i live alone' 'ceasefire' & 'sanguine imbecility' first published by MMH March 2021 edited Kelly Van Nelson 

Hole in the Head
'mixed messages' & 'our place'first published 1st May 2022 edited William Schultz Geoffrey Aitken (
‘wake-up call’ first published May 2021 edited William Schultz Geoffrey Aitken (

into the void CAN

'brutality' f
irst published "WE ARE ANTIFA" Anthology October 6th, 2020 edited Heath Brougher 

Lucky Jefferson
'current amplification factor(y)' first published November 2019 via their breakthrough issue "Testament" 

Mapping the Human City Anthology AUS
‘in her words’ first published August 2021 edited Deb Stewart, 

Meadowlark Review US
The Meadowlark Review is the student-run, online literary journal of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at the University of Wyoming. We are a collection of writers who are passionate about storytelling in all its forms.
‘Do You Copy’ first published December 1st, 2022 Editor in Chief Rae Haight  Do You Copy? by Geoffrey Aitken

Militant Thistles UK
'December 2019 - free radicals' first published May 2020 edited  Alan Morrison

wholesomefirst published November 2021 - Mindshare
‘incidental’ first published November 2021 - Mindshare 
'figuratively' Highly Commended Mindshare Awards 'Published Established Poets' Category October 2020 

New Verse News US
‘Behold’  first published January 8th, 2022 edited James Penha
'rock art' first published June 2020 edited James Pentra  Blog Archive Tuesday, June 09, 2020 
‘Twisted Oliver’ first published September 16th 2021 edited James Penha TheNewVerse.News

Nine Muses Poetry
'reciprocity' first published June 2020 edited Annest Gwilym 

Old Water Rat AUS
‘the projectionist’ first published October 2022 fifth issue of Burrow Poetry Editor Phillip Hall  the projectionist – Old Water Rat Publishing

Oxygen Green Tree Publishing  
‘take your seat’ first published December 2022 editor Cheryl Howard 
 first published October 2021 editor Cheryl Howard 
'life stile' first published April 2021 editor Cheryl Howard 

Plum Tree Tavern US 
‘daily dally’ first published December 7th 2022 edited Russell Streur
‘wooden knots’ first published October 2 2022 edited Russell Streur 
Plum Tree Tavern (
‘Androids Do Fleece Sheep’ first published September 25 2022 edited Russell Streur
needy wants’ first published June 5 2022 edited Russell Streur 
‘contractions’ first published Plum Tree Tavern May 4 2022 edited Russell Streur Plum Tree Tavern: contractions (
'kingdom' first published February 2020 USA edited Russell Streur

poetic sun CN
‘a day out’ & ‘existential’ first published Issue 4 edited Shi Yang Su and Jia Ning Ran
 Poetic Sun #ISSUE4 ( 

Poetry Pacific
'for others' first published 5th May 2022POETRY PACIFIC: 3 Poems by Geoffrey Aitken 
'coincidental' to be first printed and 'illusionist' reprinted (first published at Underground Writers Australia) at Poetry Pacific 2022 edition, due around 5 May.‘22 POETRY PACIFIC 'like/follow' us on, 

Poets' Choice
'touching truth' first published 2021 Collection of Poems '"Drunken Moments'' 

Pomme Journal
'night bloom' first published Valentine’s Day 2020 “Put Into Words, My Love” to purchase see 

Positive Words
‘her voice’ & ’femicide’ first published May Issue 2022 edited Sandra James 

Radon Journa
l US 
first published Radon Journal Issue #1 May 2022, Staff edit synonymous | Geoffrey Aitken | Radon Journal

Social Alternatives
‘blustered’ first published November 10th 2022 edited by Aidan Coleman

Sparks of Calliope US 
'the after' first published May 2020 edited Randal Burd

State of Matter US
‘fully franked’‘subsequent Harmonies’ first published May 13 2022 by Editorial Team
 State Of Matter

Tamba Goulburn Valley Writers AUS
‘backpacker’ first published June 2022 Issue 70 editor Pat Patt 
‘a flippant bird’ first published June 2021 Issue 68 editor Pat Patt 
'heightened state' first published 2020 Issue 67editor Pat Patt
'clean face'first published 2020 Issue 66 editor Pat Patt

The Abandoned Dreams Collective
‘surprised’ & ‘and to me, she sang’ first published May 2022 edited Nirmitee The Abandoned Dreams Collective | Nirmitee | Substack

The Closed Eye Open US
'without clarity' first published November 2020 edited Daniel Morgan The Closed Eye Open – An exploration of consciousness 
first published June 14 2022  ‘Maya’s Micros’ edited Maya Highlan  
 Maya’s Micros Ed. 17 – The Closed Eye Open

The Crow Ginninderra Press 
‘numinous’ first published June 2022 edited Brenda Matthews 
'single signal'  first published June 2021 edited by Joan Fenney  
'tethered tail' first published Decemember 2020 edited Joan Fenney 
'she did' first published September 2020 edited Joan Fenney 

The Daily Drunk Mag
'artificial unintelligence' first published 2020 edited Shawn (anon)  

The Mozzie AUS
‘uluru statement unpacked’ first published May 2019 Vol 27, Issue 4 edited Ron Heard  

The Perspective Project UK
‘spur lines’ first published June 2021 edited Rachel Berlingieri
 spur lines - Geoffrey Aitken | Mental Health Poetry ( 

The Sunshine Review
'decree' first publlished February 14 2021 edited Danielle Adams
 The Sunshine Review | Danielle Adams ( 

Underground Writers
'crank encased'
'illusionist' July and November 2019 Issue #27 Case & Issue #28 edited Shelley Carter

Unnerving Magazine US
‘touchpaper’, ‘anonymously’ & ‘sealed’ first published April 2022 Issue 17 edited Eddie Generous

unusual work AUS
‘a treat meant just for him’ first published October 2022 Issue 34 edited by πο

Wishbone Words Magazine UK
‘can someone explain this?’,
‘don’t let the vincent price be right’, ‘do not steer across the road’ & ‘don’t go into the loft’ first published October 2022 Issue 8 edited Hollie