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Geoffrey Aitken
Geoff AitkenI am an emerging poet in suburban Adelaide, South Australia, with growing credentials at home and abroad. I write as an older poet and former Senior School English teacher concerned for our youth and the problem of mental health along the avenues. I do not dwell. My poetry is brief. I read at open mic here in the suburbs. I love people and poetry equally.

Recent publication history

"Flashes of Brilliance" edited by Darren White, March 2020
"circular economy"

Published February 2020 "Plum Tree Tavern" USA edited by Russell Streur

Published by Pomme Journal, Valentine’s Day 2020 in, “Put Into Words, My Love”
‘night bloom’
To purchase see; https://pommejournal.com/store

Published in November, via “Lucky Jefferson” and their breakthrough issue Testament,
“current amplification factor(y)”

“The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2019 submission 'lived unremarkably' has been selected for publication in this year’s Creative Writing Anthology.
Join the conversation @AestheticaMag and facebook.com/aestheticamagazine

“Flashes of Brilliance” edited by Darren White, October 2019;

“Underground Writers” Issue #27 Case & Issue #28 Invitation, edited by Shelley Carter in July and November 2019;
“crank encased” http://underground-writers.org/product/issue-27-case/
“illusionist” http://underground-writers.org/product/issue-28-invitation/

Please Note: at $20.00 each, only a few copies of "New Poets 19" Friendly Street Poets' Anthology remain unsold - read some wonderful poetry by Bruce Greenhalgh ('meteorology of enjambment'), Maria Vouis ('Eye Print') and Geoffrey Aitken ('Soundings').

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Jenny Aitken
My Family CooksIn retirement we are loving living in McLaren Vale enjoying all the Fleurieu Peninsular offers. My passion for cooking comes from my mother Ruth to whom I dedicate this page. My love of entertaining started in the mid 60’s when my father Colin Rees knocked down a wall to make a dining room. The dining table, beautifully crafted by my grandfather Richard Rees, set with the best crockery and glasses, family favourites and the ‘hospitality of the table’ formed the basis of the entertaining we regularly do today. Recipes are either family favourites, classic comfort foods, from reading cookbooks or the latest online blogs. 
Enjoy and feel free to feedback to us.

Poetry Feasting

Read - Chat

circular economy

crowds flock
to showgrounds
for the carousel
the roundabout
that merry-go-round
or the whirly-gig
by colours
and confident showmen
where for small change
your shared ride
can transact
a brief
intimate encounter

in a classic dream chase

First published, ‘Flashes of Brilliance’
edited by Darren White (US), March 2020

Cook - Eat

Date Nut Loaf

This is a wonderful old fashioned favourite. Great served in slices spread with butter. Round log tins can be used.

1 cup chopped dates
1 cup water
Bring to the boil for 1 or 2 minutess.
Add 1 level teaspoon carb soda.
Let cool and whip smooth with a fork

1 tablespoon butter or marg
½ to ¾ cup sugar
1 egg
1½ cups SR Flour
½ cup chopped nuts (walnuts most popular)

Cream marg and sugar add beaten egg, flour, date mixture and nuts.
Bake ½ to ¾ hour in log tin in moderate oven.

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