Archive Poetry
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Archive Poetry

i visited a memory
of childhood curiosity
at my grandmother’s
cracked kitchen door
where late summer aromas
in a sugary, apricot haze
in a pan atop the stove
awaiting mother and daughter’s
coaxing of rich ripe fruits
into tasty, spreadable jams
sealed in oven sterilized jars
arousing that anticipation
of greedy indulgent consumption
on home-made Sunday scones

how long does a door
remain ajar?

First Published in ‘Alchemy’ FSP 43, 2019
i don’t browse or shop
our outer suburban
high street
with a big budget
i often purchase
from local traders
who exhibit regional taste
adorning my small cottage then
with artisan productry,
reflecting shared love
albeit, sometimes i feel –

the day takes me for granted

First published in Platinum Poems Anthology, 20th Anniversary of “Frances”, 2019.
do you notice them
the watchful, the weary,
sometimes gaunt
or busily hunched
or seated, alone
drawing, scribbling
into closely guarded journals,
or walking,
forever walking
avoiding contact, interaction,
engagement - maintaining distance
shepherding commuters from
psychosis, paranoia,
unwellness, either
diagnosed or undiagnosed
while a few, bolder,
shout esoteric warnings
to the crowd, curious onlookers
or the sky –

symptomatic of the discarded,
the misfit or the rejected
they dot the urban landscape
uncounted but monitored,
lest they attack the shadows
we cannot see

First Published in ‘New Poets 19’ FSP, 2018
she sits, uniformed
like her classmates;
delivery, foreign
by most measures
as total freedom
is her life inheritance
at this age, before ceremony –
stories of country and
multiple languages fill her head
but English is difficult
and on community
not complementary to business

school is outcomes’ based
results and attendance driven
borderline enculturation
by the dominant narrative

she has 70,000 years
ancestral connectivity

already, she is anything but uniformed!

First published by Friendly Street in “New Poets 19” 2018
i watch them
these ancient, raging, anarchistic,
masochistic, sarcastic,
cigarette smoke inhalers
who hurl self-neglect
into the passing crowd
as an offering of personal protest
and who tender addicted seconds
via sensually pursed lips
blamelessly but directly
with likeminded accord
and then,
i reflect knowingly
on my own unfiltered time
governed by the pack

First Published in ‘New Poets 19’ FSP, 2018
human resilience
offsets comic hopelessness
where unworldly conditions
remain under-reported
and sees survival instinct
on the distraction

Published ‘Right Now’ August ‘19