Archive Poetry
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Archive Poetry

crowds flock
to showgrounds
for the carousel
the roundabout
that merry-go-round
or the whirly-gig
by colours
and confident showmen
where for small change
your shared ride
can transact
a brief
intimate encounter

in a classic dream chase

First published, ‘Flashes of Brilliance’
edited by Darren White (US), March 2020
there is still an urgency
for unqualified confidence
and bullish bravado
at the top
still a place for
and ongoing denial
without reservation
ongoing opportunity
sustained uncompromised attacks on truth
that is welcomed
and honoured
as if carelessness
is our anointed
chosen pathway
until one sees the horror
in the mirror

of so much undigested History

First published by, ‘Militant Thistles’
edited by Alan Morrison, May 2020
he has a focus
an interest he follows
a quarrelsome curiosity
without a job description
no career pathway
changeable direction but
unclear reasoning by the privileged
has placed them in his sights
their birth right, an unjustifiable advantage
and he wants to bring them down
scoffs at their life permit
because drudgery is his hump/humour
schooled on disadvantage with daily reinforcement
shop floor brutality and poor monetary reward (at best)
the Australian dream – unobtainable
and the divide grows as he breathes
he has friends/acquaintances/co-conspirators
whose lives are filled with animosity
longing primarily for that level playing field
where heritage does not apply
and thoughts/ideas are considered/debated/adopted
from free agents
not just a single vote dealt unfairly
because he wants parity
this is his dream, down in the bilge/the hole/the fundament/the pit
the centrality/the essence of his life’s direction/desires/vision

as his is an increasingly unacknowledged voice

desperation stakes -
breakout politics or break-in criminality

First published by Friendly Street Poets in ‘New Poets 19’ edited by
Edie Eicas in 2018. With a nod to Alan Morrison editor ‘Militant Thistles’ (UK)
about board riders
in the surf
during working hours
fetch snide remarks
about connections with ‘hand-outs’
drugs, inappropriate behaviours
but it is necessary
to accept and understand
we ride the waves
we do not create them

First published in TAMBA, Issue 66, 2020
by Goulburn Valley Writers edited by Pat Patt

on those athletic blocks
keenly balanced
expectantly alert
she knew
her training would propel her
down that track
the moment
the starter’s pistol fired
but she also knew
there was a choice
a contested decision
regarding those left behind
the obligation
and insistence

others must follow

First published by, ‘Sparks of Calliope’
edited by Randal Burd, May 2020
is frowned upon
unless morphed
into articulations
for interpretation
by lawyers
for implementation
almost unrecognizable
and impotent
and so
some aren’t waiting

until it becomes metaphysical

First published by the ‘New Verse News’,
edited by James Penha, Tuesday, June 09, 2020
‘rock art’,