Archive Poetry
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Archive Poetry

in my parents’ world
you remain quiet
not silenced
because freedom is
and you don’t display
your misery
unless it is grief based
due personal loss and
you are mindful
but wary of those
beneath you
and most humbly respectful
of the high professions
because they deliver
authorized proximity

First included in “New Poets 19” Anthology by Friendly Street Poets
edited by Edie Eicas 2018 in “Soundings” a collection
unlikely resolution
for demands
of assistance
based on
emergency status
calls loudly
calls rudely
for immediate help
all the while
refusing criticism
or suggestion
    no ring of steel
    their right
mental health
is like a night train
with carriage lights
that flicker intermittently
to illuminate faces
whose journey status
is a mystery
while platforms
frog leap into window spaces
to flash confused prints
for retinal insight
all the while
that thoughtless engine
ploughs on
venting perfunctory shrieks
that drown interior monologue
while i
at times
         also scream

First published at ‘The Perspective Project’
edited by Rachel Berlingieri June 2021
spur lines - Geoffrey Aitken | Mental Health Poetry (
many spots
are gone
the parts
the roles
and back here
the wait
looks ominous
the conversation
is finite
the memories
are dim
at the footy

the support
is still strong

First published in
‘i want that in writing’
Ginninderra Press, 2020
Edited by Brenda Eldridge
“too thin
on proposals”
said the minister¹
“a three-word report
to the government
not nearly enough
to determine that platform
from which to initiate
an indigenous voice
in our federal parliament”

in the background
there was exasperation
as those gathered
immediately recalled
the pm’s position
on economic development

from the outset
he had proposed
“jobs & growth”
an election was won.

Note: Senator Scullion Minister for Indigenous Affairs 2013 - 2019, appeared on “National Wrap,” ABC TV on Sunday night 7th August 2017, answering questions about “The Uluru Statement” while attending the GARMA Festival. His responses are paraphrased.

First published by ‘The Mozzie’, Vol 27, Issue 4, edited by Ron Heard May 2019
chilled city
street scape
early mid-morning
café searching
hunger suppressant
coffee fix

settles unreasonably
and palpable disadvantage
aggravates sidewalk sojourn
but unthinkable
if invisibility scores

First published in
‘Adelaide: Mapping the Human City’ Anthology,
edited by Deb Stewart, August 2021