Published Poems

Published Poems

this is an age
of imperatives
sounding unresolved pasts
in affected behaviour
with invective
for vindication:
identifies that power shift
to the neo elites
and their brusque money
while they
scorned and vengeful
walk ownership
into tomorrow
            sorry, is not an apology

First published in Coral St Artspace in Victor Harbor,
in _this breath is not mine to keep
Opening Exhibition Oct 9 - Nov 21, 2020
time regularly
its inexactness
it has moved on
announces our failure
to embrace currency
the empty bus shelter
or sits beyond reach
until sleep discomfort
        that inability
        to control the dream

First published by ‘The Closed Eye Open’ Nov 2020 Edition II edited by Daniel Morgan
The Closed Eye Open – An exploration of consciousness
it is difficult
to store water
in cupped hands
that is an expectation
for many
for those without vessels
without means

i saw it in a metaphor

Highly Commended Mindshare Awards
‘Emerging Published’ Category
mental health awareness week 2020.
migrant status
in my adopted country
attracts curiosity
returns uneasiness
distracts me constantly,
while bullies
attend me from unseen distances
and i am often that finishing line
for insult
and derogatory laughter
while uncertainty shadows me
from dawn
when i dress each day
           in my target shirt

First published by ‘Ginninderra’ in
“i want that in writing”, a Chapbook
September 2020 series editor Brenda Eldridge
we over purchase
in today’s
clutter our lives
with heat seeking
that measure
of our materialism
promising fulfilment
wrapped seductively in
and comfort
while tip-shops
and landfill
our self esteem
with used productry

purpose built

First published in the Effective Living Centre Anthology,
Poets Corner, "From Our Desks"
edited by Jude Aquilina, Louise Nicholas
and Russ Talbot October 2020
they fly with the weekend wind
above parks and beaches
drawing eager onlookers
to savour vigorous coloured flight
heightened bragging
and delicate cloud touching,
all the while
bumping and pecking
the edges of tomorrow
tethered though,
lest their dancing careens into Monday

        why suggest to innocence
        that a kite is only a kite

First published by Ginninderra Press in ‘The Crow’ December 2020,
Editor Joan Fenney