Published Poems

Published Poems

cloud shadows
across suburban
where once
they escorted kangaroo
on ample grasses
altered only when
herd surprise
invited stampede
but now
the winds detour
and those clouds
suffocate double-glazed modernity


First published in tamba, Issue 67, 2020 by Goulburn Valley Writers, Pat Patt editor
‘heightened state’
Goulburn Valley Writers' Group Inc. (
as a child
did i ever believe
lasted forever
but now
it is confirmed

my inheritance
was never

First published by Ginninderra Press, 2020
in ‘I want that in writing’series editor Brenda Eldridge
why does one man
strive for humour
in gifted
shared spontaneity
for fun loving
essential laughter
harmony and happiness
while his brother
unhappy with his world
takes a gun
and attacks our complexity

no joke

First published by
Ginninderra Press, ‘20
‘i want that in writing’
Edited by Brenda Eldridge
friends gather
and it’s evening.
he greets the guests with
schizophrenic mumbles

pleasantries exchanged -
‘so far so good,’ he thinks.


check the moment.


intellectual copulation, and
randomly the thoughts fall -
and bounce!

‘correct numbers’,
tonight …
and lucid thoughts become
winning words.

communication though?

sapped of energy
and the night’s work done,
he in the best of form –
but reflects …
until the next dinner,
and the next draw!

First published in ‘Poems & Photography 2016’ Schizophrenia Fellowship, NSW
mums weren’t categorised
like little girls
by 1950s’ boys
who had bugs
and wanted to kiss you
or play endless tea-parties

mums were okay
but you didn’t get too close
no public affection
or there were apron strings
and other branding or
fingers pointed at sissies
and worse still, ostracism

but if you had a paramour
and had been to the flicks
there were always stories
or if your mother drove
and had her own car
there were rides to Satd’y sports

harmless enough,
eh bartender?

First published by Friendly Street, 2018 in ‘New Poets 19’ edited by Edie Eicas
i wanted attention/security/acceptance
i had low self-esteem/confidence
i was directionless/emotional/suffering
i staked claims, for possessions/believability/belonging

i maintained I was sane
as an inmate/a patient /a consumer

in Ward 1
there’s competition!

First published in ‘Poems & Photography 2016’ Schizophrenia Fellowship, NSW