Recent Published Poetry

Recent Published Poetry

never so long
give me
some mates
at the game
give me a beer
& some banter
give me yesterday
i can’t wait for tomorrow

‘never so long’ first published at Five Fleas October 28th 2022 edited by Robin/Roberta Beach jacobsen
Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry): Evening of October 28, 2022

looked ominous

the sign said

we became lost
just going
around the block

‘carefree’ first published at Five Fleas November 30th 2022 edited by Robin/Roberta Beach Jacobsen

he named her


after which

she cooked that vegie

into a plated smudge

as had her mother

& grandmother

& he ate it

her man


cooked to perfection

as if by his own mom

First published at ‘unusual work’ edited by πο Issue 34 October ‘22

i don’t climb
the retractable steps

don’t venture
into my attic

from experience

i prefer to remain

where i live

first published October 2022 at Wishbone Words Magazine 4 poems in Issue 8

she’s dill pickling,
my gran

so i watch her push one
into a jar space
i had not seen

‘there’s always room,’

& in my child’s head
i’m aware

i’m always loving someone
who’s loving someone else

then when i look again

she’s squeezed in
another cucumber.

first published at Hot Pot Magazine March 2, 2023 edited by Emily Pedroza

out here

the supermarket

developed a space

in my village

to quickly attract

suburban sprawl

in concrete replication

where dinner table meals

are nutritionally exact

and so when rain falls

it confuses

the street struggle residents

with its shopper trolley clatter

First published at StepAway magazine Edited by Dr. Darren Carlaw December 21st, 2022 'out here'
out here |


daily dally

news media tells me

of the heat

around the globe


in world leaders

and our lawmakers

whose frustrations

in defence of justice


enough almost, to start fires

First published at Plum Tree Tavern December 7th, 2022 & edited by Russell Streur ‘daily dally’

why am I still living
with the negative effects

of positive thinking

This poem was taken by Antonia Hildebrand editor of 'Polestar Writers Journal' [AUS]. It will appear in the next Issue to be released soon.