Recent Published Poetry

Recent Published Poetry

what do you do
when the source

of your inspiration

for your art
and your craft

your scripted
novel creativity
and investment

dries up

and cash cow currency
redirected you
to find and supply

the answers about
the uncertainty
and weaponry

for an escape
from hardship

that diverts guilt
of a crime scene
away from my Ward One

Edited by π.Ο. and first published in UNUSUAL WORK issue 35 May 2023.

100% implausible
the inefficiency

of the machine
with its inability

to feel for itself.

unusual depth   
the added weight
of detail

i wish to report
i skipped stones

and, unable to find Suzie,
i did it alone

was that shallow.

‘unusual depth’ & ‘100% implausible’ first published at Five Fleas May 6th 2023 Edited by Robin/Roberta Beach Jacobsen
Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)

it is indicative
of life

to breathe

in and out

to oxygenate your blood
and respire
to aspire

for a modern perfection

First published April 13th, 2023 edited by Daniel Morgan