Recent Published Poetry

Recent Published Poetry

find someone
but naïve
a target
to poke
seek the ignition point
await combustion
fire uncertainty
watch the flame
fan it
lead them into the dark
        walk away

First published at ‘Unnerving Magazine’ Issue #17, March 2022
edited by Eddie Generous
i am a shopaholic

a neo progressive
basket filler
of contemporary ideals
and political propriety

i communicate relevance
while recycling
and immediacy

i still seek value
quality and durability
while transacting
good humour
and authenticity

I power purchase

Radon Journal
synonymous | Geoffrey Aitken | Radon Journal
"nominated for the annual Best of the Net anthology."
it’s done
when they’re drawn
those curtains
all in
& that casket
is closed

you’re on your own

First published at ‘Unnerving Magazine’ Issue #17, March 2022
edited by Eddie Generous
i remember the bug house
& the outdoor theatre

on summer holiday
with that big white screen

before whispered anticipation
saw the projector light
reflect from dust particles

then suddenly the dinosaurs appeared
& minds were cast
to the classroom

wondering who knew
how to put this together

no matter how clumsily

‘Old Water Rat’ Fifth Issue of Burrow September 2022 edited by Rhiannon Hall 
the projectionist – Old Water Rat Publishing

a reminder says my case manager

i placed want above need

authority requested i adjust my behaviour

gamely i procure
my ridiculously slim lotto chance

bus ride general impotence
to unpack my loneliness

i save arguments from my pension
tuck them away

purchase ammunition
for my handgun

i clean and oil it’s engraved butt

‘i need to be a superhero’

First published at ‘The Plum Tree Tavern’ June 5th, 2022 edited by Russell Streur
Plum Tree Tavern: June 2022 (

i ask the member
for [                 ]
The Honourable
the Treasurer

to please explain to the House
how he believes the poor
can give more


Mr. Speaker with respect

the low-paid
know how to give up

how to surrender

unless our Nation
calls on them
to serve

and fight for us

first published at ‘Oxygen’ December 2022 editor Cheryl Howard