Recent Published Poetry

Recent Published Poetry

i don’t live
without risk

it’s natural
a part of life

i do the first thing
that comes to mind

every time i respond

i simply react

there’ll be consequences

so i do it

it’s expedient
it’s necessary
it’s my job

i have somewhere to be.

‘mod rock road’ first published November 2023 The Closed Eye Open Issue X edited Daniel Morgan Issue X.pdf - Google Drive
i quickly
became uncomfortable

i did not fit in

Jack said my notebook
looked like a bible

i sooked off
overcome with memories
that still creep me out

with behaviour modification
working insincerity

his wife asked
why i was in the corner
and i joked about being a dunce

you know like school days

it fell to the floor lame as a byline

and i wondered if a linguist
could improve my diction

someone who knew better
to help me converse
so that when i opened my mouth
it did not simply sound ‘he brew’

finally i slipped away
caught Jack’s eye

nodded my farewell

i shan’t do that again
too many old men in the world

the drive home was a bastard.

‘at the reading’ first published Impspired Magazine 1st December 2023 edited by Steve Cawte Geoffrey Aitken – impspired  Facebook